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Preparing For A House Clearance

A common question that we get asked whenever we quote for an Eastbourne house clearance is whether preparing for a house clearance is worth it or not? Or will the company completing the clearance do it all for us? We will complete all the required clearance ourselves, for you, but if you wanted to save a few pounds, and wanted to do some bits yourself, here are a few handy hints and tips that can help.

1 – Bag it, box it. The quickest clearances we do, tend to be the cheapest. Whilst we can bag and box everything ourselves, its always helpful if its done before we get there. However we would ask that items that are destined to be recycled are kept in the same bags. For example all clothing items are kept together, all paper in a box etc.

2 – The closer to the exit items are, the easier it is to complete the clearance. If the property has a 120ft garden, with a shed at the end that needs emptying, if that shed is empty and all items in the property before we arrive, this would bring the price down a bit. The same goes for properties over multiple floors. The more that is brought closer to the exits, the quicker we can complete the job.

3 – Empty fridges and freezers, but leave doors open. This really does help, as no one wants to open a fridge with mouldy milk, or a full freezer that’s been switched off for 3 days.

4 – Clear the paths, drives and access routes. We aim to park vans and lorries as close as possible to the exit of the property. This allows us to load up faster. So if the drive can be kept clear, its a big help. If any bushes or plants are overgrowing pathways that we will be taking, having the plants cut back is very helpful.

We hope that helps you in preparing for a house clearance. These are all things that make it easier for us when we attend. Although we can do all of the above for you, if for any reason you are unable to do so.


House Clearance Eastbourne FAQs

There are many questions that we get asked time and again about carrying out house clearances in Eastbourne. We never tire of answering them, and sometimes our answers will be different to those laid out below, but in general, the answers below apply. Never be afraid of asking us anything, or getting anything confirmed. We aim to be the best House Clearance Eastbourne company, and feel that great customer service is one way of offering that. Read More