House Clearance Eastbourne FAQs

House Clearance Eastbourne FAQs

House Clearance Eastbourne FAQs

There are many questions that we get asked time and again about carrying out house clearances in Eastbourne. We never tire of answering them, and sometimes our answers will be different to those laid out below, but in general, the answers below apply. Never be afraid of asking us anything, or getting anything confirmed. We aim to be the best House Clearance Eastbourne company, and feel that great customer service is one way of offering that.

  1. How much will it cost to clear a (1,2,3,4) bedroom property in Eastbourne?

This is a common question, and is normally followed by ‘and a bit of rubbish’ or ‘and the contents of the garage’ or something similar. To be able to give a quote with any reasonable degree of accuracy, we need to be able to see the property to be cleared. This can be done through clear and in focus pictures of the property, or by a site visit. We have cleared some properties for a hundred pounds, where others have been in the thousands.

We also need to calculate the cost to us of completing the clearance. Properties where we can park right by the front door, and load up the vans with ease, would cost less than those where we can only park 20 metres away, down 3 flights of stairs, and through access controlled doors.

2. What happens to all the items you remove?

Items removed are divided into groups, and distributed from there. There are items that are only suitable for being recycled, and these are disposed off in accordance with the current regulations. We have an upper tier waste carriers license that legally allows us to transport this waste.
There are items that we believe hold value, and we would attempt to sell these on. That may be via private sale or auction. We estimate the value of these, and use that figure when deciding on the quotation.
And there are items that whilst they hold little to no value, are of use to some charities. For example, towels. Most houses have are many in airing cupboards. They could be recycled, but we normally donate them to animal sanctuaries, or those charities working on engineering projects, like steam trains.

3. How quickly can you get it done?

When we quote, we will also let you know a rough time frame. Normally we can start within 2 to 3 days. Most houses can be cleared in a day, although some need 3 or 4 days.

4. Do I need to be there?

No, but if you wish to be, you can be. We can collect keys from agents or managers, and complete the clearance. We take before and after pictures so you can see what has been done as well.

5. Do you do commercial properties as well?

Yes. We clear shops, offices and warehouses.

6. Something not answered in the questions above.

No worries, contact us and ask away. We can be reached by phone or email.