House Clearance

We can offer a full or partial house clearance service throughout Eastbourne and East Sussex. Reasonably priced, and having the ability to react quickly, contact us on 01323 332140 to discuss your House Clearance Eastbourne needs.

Full Clearance

Our full clearance service offers just that – we clear everything. Well nearly everything, we can’t remove asbestos or industrial chemicals, but the vast majority of household items, furniture, beds, carpets, sheds, garage and loft contents can all be taken. This is ideal for getting a property ready for sale, or if you’ve just purchased and the previous owner has left everything behind.

Each clearance is quoted on its own merits. That being, we see what we can get as a return for the items we remove, and provide a quotation based on that.

We recycle or reuse as much as we possibly can from each clearance. Its not in our interests to send to much to landfill. We do this in a number of ways that include (but not limited to) donations to local charities, auction houses, local selling and donations.

Partial House Clearance

Sometimes a complete house clearance isn’t needed, so a partial one is better. This is normally useful for people who are downsizing, or when dealing with a hoarders property. We will assist you with removing what you need removed, and dispose of it  in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

The partial clearance does not just apply to the house. there are times where we are called in just to clear a loft, garage or basement, so that the residents can start using it again.

Booking a House Clearance

Typically, a house clearance starts with a phone call or email. From this initial contact we can make a date to come and view, or arrange for pictures to be sent to us, so we can quote from them. Normally we need to see what needs to be cleared, as a written list won’t tell us the quality or condition of the items being removed.

Once we have viewed, we will issue you a quotation to complete the discussed clearance. All our quotes are best price first time. If you agree with the quotation, we then conduct the clearance ata time that suits you. You don’t need to be present when we do this, but are more than welcome to be there if you want to be.

For all your House Clearance Eastbourne needs, contact us for a professional service.